Field Tank Construction

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New Tank Construction – Self-Supported Dome Roof

Working with the client it was determined that a structurally supported roof was not suitable for the tank operation.  Elite engineered, pre-fabricated and installed a self-supported dome roof to meet the client’s needs.  The entire roof was fabricated on the concrete foundation prior to the tank construction.  Once the shell was complete the pre-fabricated roof was craned into place.

 Project Highlights:  

  • 55’-10” diameter self-supported dome roof design 
  • Due to a unique site requirement a firetube and burner system were supplied and installed for freeze protection 
  • Tank was 100 percent internally coated, externally primed and insulated 
  • Tank was built to AWWA standard
  • Project Size: 55’-10” Diameter x 40’-0” High
  • Project Type: New Construction
  • Completion Date: September 2015
  • Service: Fire Water Tank