Tank Repair & Restoration

Tank Repair – Major Foundation Remediation & Tank Floor Replacement

This unique project required the existing tank to be elevated 4’ above its existing granular base. The 110’-0” diameter, multi-bay tank was jacked 4’ above grade to permit the installation of a new concrete reinforced ring wall complete with inner granular base and topped with fillcrete. Following the foundation construction activities, crews replaced the entire circumferential annular and floor plates before the final hydro-static leak test.

Project Highlights:

  • New 4’-0” high reinforced concrete ring wall installed while the tank was on jacks.
  • Executed the majority of the work scope, including hydro-static leak test, in winter conditions.
  • Project Size: 110'-0" Diameter x 48'-0" High
  • Project Type: Repair
  • Completion Date: March 2021