Field Tank Construction

New Tank Construction – Multiple Tanks c/w Concrete Ring Walls

This project included the construction of (3) new tanks to be built in Central Alberta. The tanks all required hydro-testing, external painting, insulation and internal coatings. The produced water tank required full internal coating and the two condensate storage tanks only required coating on the tank floors and lower shell walls.

A unique aspect to this project was the fact the tanks were constructed upon 3’ high concrete ring wall foundations; requiring access for construction to be slightly more challenging and scaffold around the tank pads to permit safe access for crews to work.

Due to proximity issues of the tank foundations within the plant, focus was given to construct a single tank first permitting finishing operations to commence while the balance of the tanks were constructed. Efficiently and effectively allowing multiple work fronts to be completed at one time.

Project Highlights:

  • Internal heating coils – manufactured to ASME B31.3 including partial registration (AB-83).
  • Detailed tank layouts including over (40) shell and roof nozzles.
  • Internal design pressures of 1.0psig (16oz) requiring installation of external anchor chairs.
  • Project Size: (1) 58’-0” Diameter x 32’-0” High Produced Water Tank, (2) 52’-0” Diameter x 40’-0” High Condensate Tanks
  • Project Type: New Construction
  • Completion Date: September 2019
  • Service: Produced Water & Condensate Storage