Field Tank Construction

New Tank Construction – Mine Diesel Tank

The 122,827BBL tank went from mobilization to mechanical completion in just over two and a half months. Working in close proximity with civil and piping contractors in the area provided a unique challenge in maneuvering equipment and coming up with creative, yet safe ways to access the tank area. Through excellent communication and teamwork, this tank was completed safely and ahead of schedule.

Project Highlights:

  • Multi-column, internal rafter roof complete with cable-suspended internal floating roof 
  • CWB spiral staircase including roof top platform, catwalk assembly, radial shell platforms, access ladders and roof perimeter handrail 
  • Complete hydrostatic test including roof floating, and 3D scan post hydro for detailed strapping table 
  • Project Size: 127’-7 ½” Diameter x 57’-9 11/16” High
  • Project Type: New Construction
  • Completion Date: September 2017
  • Service: Diesel