Tank Repair & Restoration

Tank Repair – Evolving Scope of Work

Engaged by the client prior to an out of service inspection created the opportunity to work with an evolving scope.  Having a close relationship with the tank owner allowed Elite to explore various options and while maintaining open dialogue about the most practical solutions as situations arose.

Project Highlights:

  • Design, supply and install a 30” diffuser assembly as part of post-weld heat treated insert
  • Provide new circumferential foam piping on upper tank shell complete with new foam makers, header assembly and 200’ of piping to point of tie-in
  • Floor plate replacements, patches and shell inserts
  • New gauge pole through external floating roof including pontoon modifications
  • Fitness for service evaluation
  • Project Size: 183’-0” Diameter x 52’-11 3/8” High
  • Project Type: Tank Repair & Restoration
  • Completion Date: February 2018
  • Service: Crude Oil