Tank Repair & Restoration

Tank Repair – International Floor Replacement

A unique project specifically in terms of location.  Elite coordinated closely with the client to make arrangements to have equipments and material shipped via ocean freighter to the repair location.  The heat added an extra challenge and the team donned special personal protective equipment to deal with the extreme climate conditions.  Working together with the client’s local labour resources, the floor replacement was a success and Elite was engaged for future work to complete similar scopes in the area.

 Project Highlights:  

  • Cut in door sheet for material and equipment access 
  • Supply and install jacking stations to jack tank and allow for removal of annular plate 
  • Full floor and annular plate replacement 
  • Project Size: 47’-7” Diameter x 40’-0” High
  • Project Type: Tank Repair and Restoration
  • Completion Date: June 2013
  • Service: Crude Oil