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Elite Wins Canada’s Best Managed Award

Elite Integrity Services is proud to announce that we’ve been named as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for 2019!


About the Award


Deloitte established the “Canada’s Best Managed Companies Award” in 1993 to recognize outstanding Canadian businesses. The award is tailored specifically for Canadian owned and managed companies. As a whole, the award celebrates and showcases the innovation, entrepreneurship, and successes of Canadian businesses that have exceeded all expectations.


What Distinguishes Elite?


While hundreds of companies apply to be recognized for their work, only a few actually receive the award. The companies that win this prestigious honour share some distinct characteristics.


A few of our qualities that were showcased include:

  • An Ingrained Focus on the Long Term

They actively look into the future and consider how the future will impact their decisions.

  • A Relentless Focus on People

These companies know that the people they work with are at the heart of what they do.

  • An Intentional Approach to Innovation

Innovation is key so winners of the Best Managed Award are always looking to improve practices across their business.

  • A Strong Global Orientation

It’s not enough to stay local, and these companies know that. They actively look to grow and expand through geographic diversification.


At Elite, our goal has always been to create positive and long lasting relationships both with our colleagues and our partners in industry.


Our team knows they are valued and respected because we emphasize small gestures of appreciation and recognition. Meanwhile, our clients know they’re getting our very best because we take care of our team.


The values that Elite Integrity Services was built on have allowed us to create an outstanding company that’s now recognized among some of the best in Canada. Our focus on people, quality, and innovation will continue as we surge forward in creating new relationships and nurturing long-lasting ones.


Thank You to the Entire Elite Team!


We want to offer our most sincere gratitude to every Elite team member. It’s because of you that we can continue to grow and succeed together. Your dedication and commitment to our business, our clients, and each other over the past years has taken tireless determination, and we appreciate your hard work. We look forward to continuing to grow and build with you in the future.


We would also like to extend our sincere congratulations to every company that was awarded a Canada’s Best Managed Award this year. If you’d like to find out about other recipients and read more, please visit the full list here on the Canadian Business site, on the CIBC site and on the Deloitte website.